Lil Nas X Trolls & Says Kirk Franklin Is On “MONTERO” Remix


Much like he did with his breakout single “Old Town Road”, 21-year-old pop star Lil Nas X has made national news headlines with the release of his new music video “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)”. The single’s release had been teased for nearly an entire year before actually dropping and nobody expected the young rising star to make such a strong statement with the release. As we’ve seen in the last week, Lil Nas X is dominating the media scope, even impacting programs like Fox News as people bicker about the message he’s sending in his visuals.

Giving the devil a lapdance and riding a giant pole all the way to Hell, Lil Nas X additionally coupled his new music with a sneaker release, collaborating with MSCHF on the “Satan Shoes”, which feature a single drop of human blood in the air bubbles and include Satanic imagery. Only 666 pairs of the sneakers were produced. Prompting another supplementary scandal, the world has been commenting on LNX’s latest moves as an entertainer and, while the backlash has been seeping through his thick skin, the rapper quickly got back to trolling his fans, which he has been doing for the last three years. 

Joking about the inevitable remix of the song — you all heard the million-and-one remixes of “Old Town Road”, remember? — Lil Nas X trolled and said that he was getting everyone’s favorite gospel singer Kirk Franklin on there. “I’m gonna put kirk franklin on the call me by your name remix to even it out u guys,” laughed the viral star on Twitter.

Kirk Franklin has been involved in his own controversies recently, being aired out by his 33-year-old for allegedly verbally abusing him over the phone in a leaked audio clip.

Lil Nas has been very active on social media, responding to his biggest critics and fanning the flames to his latest controversy. This is working out exactly as he would have liked.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Are you upset about “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” and the release of the “Satan Shoes”?