Lil Peep Embraced Emo Spirit On Posthumous “Liar”


Though posthumous music can feel like an ethical dilemma at times, Lil Peep and his team have been maintaining a sense of integrity in their efforts to preserve his legacy. It certainly helps that Peep assembled a large catalog prior to his passing, one that consists of well-constructed songs and fleshed out musical ideas. Perhaps none more so than “Liar,” a polished blend of emo-rap, the genre he helped pioneer during his short life. Arriving in full after an earlier leak, “Liar” finds Peep targeting those who can’t help but swerve the truth, making his own intentions clear in the process.

“I just want some money for my mother,” he proclaims. “I was really in the kitchen, but I sing about bitches, cause I really know killers and they not like you at all.” At this point, Peep’s fans will continue to ride for his memory, and should you count yourselves among them Everybody’s Everything is yours in a few mouseclicks. What do you think of this one? 

Quotable Lyrics

I was really in the kitchen
But I sing about bitches
Cause I really know killers and they not like you at all


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