Lil Pump Bullied Over New Photo Deemed “Sus” By Fans


Lil Pump is down horrendous right now. The young rapper is about to turn 21 this summer but he appears to be in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. His downturn was predicted years ago by J. Cole, who actually took time to interview the “Gucci Gang” star and try and set him on the right path, but the clout-obsessed rapper was stubborn and continued to chase the cheapest levels of attention online. His latest antics have included photos showing off his acrylic nails, which were roasted to no end in the comments section. 

As he tries to figure out what his fanbase wants from him, Lil Pump’s latest picture is picking up a lot of attention– again, for all the wrong reasons. People are making fun of the Florida-based rap artist for showing off his Chanel drip, including a matching pink-stripe top and bottoms set. At the same time, he showed that he was still painting his toenails in different colors. As you can surely expect, people were not impressed in the comments, calling him all sorts of names and joking about his new look. The picture was deemed “sus” by a number of haters, and it’s genuinely pretty difficult to find a positive comment in the bunch. It seems like people are unanimous on where Lil Pump stands in 2021.

One of the more popular responses comes from Soulja Boy, who made a comment about Pump’s generation of rappers. “F*k be wrong with these new rappers,” he asked with multiple laughing emojis.

Following his support for former President Donald Trump during his campaign last year, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see the 20-year-old struggling to determine where he fits in the rap game these days.

Are you a fan of his new look? Check out the picture below.