Lil Pump “Closed The Door” On A Comeback, Suggests Adam22


Lil Pump has lost a lot of public support over the years. The Florida-based rapper was once recognized as one of the hottest up-and-coming stars of the rap world. His brash behavior and youthful energy were a hit with audiences, taking over festival stages with his records “Gucci Gang”, “D Rose”, and more. It’s been a few years since Pump’s last chart hit though, and he’s resorting back to his regular antics on social media… except they’re not really working anymore.

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Much like he did back in the day with J. Cole, Lil Pump blurted out “f*ck Eminem” for seemingly no reason after he publicly supported former President Donald Trump during his campaign for re-election. Adam22 of the No Jumper podcast, who has previously been close with Pump, doesn’t think the rapper’s latest moves were smart for his comeback effort, speaking to DJ Vlad about it during a recent interview.

Stepping on the other side of the microphone, the interviewer became the interviewee this week as Adam22 spoke about why he thinks it wasn’t a good move for Lil Pump to diss Eminem or support Donald Trump.

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“This is a bad idea,” said Adam, reflecting on his first thoughts when seeing Pump on stage with Trump. “Picture me just looking at my phone with my jaw dropped. And the fact that he called him ‘Lil Pimp’, I mean, it was already crazy enough but the fact that he called him ‘Lil Pimp’ just blew my f*cking brain into a million pieces. I didn’t think it was a great idea. I don’t think, long term, it was a good career move.”

He goes on to say that Pump is simply lowering his own chances at a successful comeback by doing stuff like this.

“It doesn’t feel like he’s necessarily huge right now. I wonder, to what extent, the people would be open to a comeback,” said Adam. “It kind of feels like the Eminem thing and the Trump thing, to whatever extent people we’re gonna be open to hearing him again, it kind of feels like a lot of that might have closed the door for people’s willingness to f*ck with him. Not artists but the fans, you know.”

The No Jumper personality suggests that Pump is recycling a lot of the same antics he used to come up in the first place, citing his “f*ck J. Cole” craze. 

Do you think there’s a chance that Lil Pump makes a successful comeback, or are you done with him?