Lil Pump Implies He Doesn’t Shower & Gets Soaked In Trollery


19-year-old Miami rapper Lil Pump is not above stretching the truth if it means he’ll get the attention he believes he deserves. Known for his use of social media antics to promote his brand, the teenager is back at it again, making some nasty claims that appear to confirm he doesn’t bathe too often. 

Taking to Twitter several days ago, Lil Pump suggested that he doesn’t see a use in showering too frequently, especially when he knows he’s just going to get dirty again. He asked fans why showering was so important on January 8 and, ever since then, the young man has been getting clowned online for his semi-confession. Despite some people’s attempts to remind Pump that we shower or take baths in order to clean off the dirt that gathers on our bodies throughout the day, Jetski refused to elaborate on why he’s so curious about hygienic practices. I guess that’s why he’s a Harvard Dropout and not a graduate.

Lil Pump was part of the driving force behind Justin Bieber’s desperate ploy to get his new single “Yummy” to the top of the charts this weekend, encouraging fans to stream the track on repeat so that the Canadian pop star could see his numbers rise upon returning to music. Unfortunately, his contribution didn’t help much as Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” was just named the top song of the week on the Billboard Hot 100


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