Lil Pump Learns A Hard Lesson While Manhandling A Snake


Have Steve Irwin and the Kratt Brothers taught us nothing? Wild animals can and will react in an unpredictable fashion, especially when removed from their natural habitat. Despite that, rappers have continuously implemented critters into their aesthetic, despite having never so much as crossed paths with a living non-domesticated animal. True, some rappers like Young Thug have proven adept at snake-handling, but such types are rare indeed. Lil Pump, however, has never been known for his graceful manner. Therefore, when he decided to implement a live snake into his new music video, his fate was all but sealed.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The moment the serpent entered Pump’s grasp, it decided that it was not about to be subjected to whatever degradation the youngster had in store. It reacted as a snake has been known to do, by lashing out teeth first. Within seconds, Pump’s hand was bleeding profusely, and the snake wrangler was forced to soothe the irate beast – as well as the snake. To his credit, Pump seemed to enjoy the experience, showing off his wound for his millions of followers to see. 

Though the snake was not venomous, perhaps the incident will prove a teachable moment for young Pump, however unlikely that might be. One has to wonder if he’ll be aching once the adrenaline wears off, as the bite certainly packed some depth. What’s that old idiom again? Play stupid games, and so on? 


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