Lil Pump Praises NBA YoungBoy As His “Favourite Rapper Right Now”


Fear not: Lil Pump has shared his humble opinion with the world and has revealed who he considers to be his absolute favourite rapper at the moment. Pump posted a video of himself on his Instagram story on Monday, which shows him smoking a blunt in the car while listening to the song, “Make No Sense,” off of NBA YoungBoy’s album AI Youngboy 2. After rapping the lines, “I feel like I’m Gucci Mane in 2006. All these diamonds dancing on my f*cking neck cost like four bricks” from the track, Pump declares, “No cap, YoungBoy my favourite rapper right now, on God. [This] go crazy.”

This statement seems pretty genuine, considering how heavily the green-haired rapper appears to vibing to the song in the video. Pump’s not the only person to show YoungBoy some love today. After seeing a video of his maybe-ex-girlfriend and Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna, singing along to his diss track about her, Youngboy said that he loves Yaya and that he was “laughing so hard” at the video. Yaya shared his feelings, writing back, “Love you more baby.” YoungBoy is currently in the midst of dealing with an assault and kidnapping case filed against him for which he has pleaded guilty.


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