Lil Pump Reveals His 2020 New Years’ Resolution


We’re finishing up the final days of the year 2019 and as such, many of us will be setting intentions and resolutions for 2020. This time, however, we’ll be not only planning for changes in a new year, but also an entirely new decade. There exists an endless list of things we could name as recurrent for most when it comes to resolutions. Some may opt for losing weight, saving money or even increasing one’s salary. Nevertheless, the common folk are not the only ones to set intentions for a new year–celebrities do too. Colourful-headed rapper Lil Pump recently took to Twitter to share his one and only New Years’ resolution. Today, the “Gucci Gang” artist revealed that his New Year resolution would be to read more books. 

Now we’re not sure whether Lil Pump had a specific genre in mind, but it remains an admirable task. Reading is great to increase one’s lexicon and lyrical flexibility. Perhaps doing so will help inspire the musician in his very own craft. Moreover, he may acquire further inspiration from the varying tale and stories available within the multitude of styles available as well. Either way, it makes us reflect on our own resolutions.

What are your 2020 resolutions? Is reading more books one of them?


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