Lil Pump Shows Support For Justin Bieber’s Desparate Ploy To Get “Yummy” To #1


Lil Pump has proven which side he’s on in the latest development of the “Yummy” vs. “The Box” wars. Last week, it was reported that Roddy Ricch’s massive hit, “The Box,” had gone #1 on the Spotify charts, beating out Justin Bieber’s first drop during his comeback as a solo artist. The accomplishment was pretty impressive considering Roddy’s relatively new status in the music scene, a factor that no doubt meant Bieber was not expecting “Yummy” to have any competition in topping the charts. His song’s shortcomings lead Bieber to resort to begging his fans to buy “Yummy” multiple times on his website and play the song on Spotify at a low volume while they sleep. Justin got dragged relentlessly on the Internet for his obvious chart-hungry antics, and Roddy himself even joined in on the fun with a petty tweet, though his message is technically what Justin has been pleading others to do.

“Stream yummy by justin bieber,” Roddy wrote, after which his fans flooded his replies with their disapproval. Now, Lil Pump has involved himself in the tense competition of sorts. Pump posted a clip from the “Yummy” music video on his Instagram with the caption, “MY BIG BRO JUST DROPPED GO GET THIS TO 1 BIL ! @justinbieber πŸ’ͺ🏼🐐.” Though he technically asked his followers to get “Yummy” to 1 billion views on Youtube rather than to #1 on the charts, it still completely aligns with Bieber’s attempts to “make ‘Yummy’ happen,” and makes us wonder if Justin might have slid Pump a cheque for his efforts.

DJ Akademiks hopped in the comments of Pump’s post to remind us that “Yummy” is never going to happen, showing his support for the song’s chart rival. “The πŸ“¦,” Akademiks wrote, a simple yet effective reminder of which artist he and many others are routing for instead.


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