Lil Reese Details 2019 Shooting: “I Just Felt Blood Coming From My Neck”


In November 2019, Lil Reese was confronted while in his car in a Chicago suburb. Surveillance footage of the incident would later circulate online showing an unidentified person pulling up next to Reese and opening fire. The rapper was left for dead, but miraculously, he survived the attack. It would take months for him to regain his ability to speak and it’s reported that for a short while, Reese was unsure if he would be able to continue his Rap career.

Lil Reese has mended from his injuries and recently, he sat down with Cam Capone News to speak candidly about the ordeal. According to the Chicago rapper, he was making his way to deposit money when he was attacked on the road. Reese suggested that the assailants believed that he was someone else. 

“I was by myself,” he said. “When I got shot and I realized I got shot, I got out the car. Looking around, tryin’ to see where they at. Wasn’t nobody around, so I just got in the car that was behind me and just told them to take me to the hospital.” Reese underwent surgery at the first hospital he was admitted to before being transferred to another location.

This was the first time Lil Reese had ever been shot, and the interviewer wanted to know what it felt like when he was hit with the bullet. “I ain’t even realize I was shot,” said the rapper. “I felt rips coming through the car but I didn’t even realize that I was hit… I just felt my neck. I just felt blood coming from my neck.”

“I ain’t gon’ lie, I thought it was over for a minute,” he added. “‘Cause I was shot in the neck, but I’m like, if I make it, I make it.” Watch Lil Reese detail his experience.