Lil Reese Grabs OJ300 & JL300 For “300 Cross”


Although the drill movement has been kind of stagnant in recent years, many of the major players are still keeping the streets hot with new music. Lil Reese is among them. He hasn’t stopped putting out music over the years. He’s actually much more consistently in the mix than he’s probably given credit for. Now, the rapper returned with a brand new banger titled, “300 Cross” with OJ300 and JL300. The production is smooth as the three rappers detail the bleak reality of the streets.

It appears that Lil Reese might be working towards dropping something pretty major in the near future. The rapper just released the video for “Ain’t Witchu 4sho” off of Get Back Gang 2 just a week ago. With the new song out, perhaps another new project is on the horizon.

Quotable Lyrics
Stains and shit, bitch, we dangerous
Still with my same n***as, that’s who I’m hangin’ with
Put a tag on your head so don’t be danglin’


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