Lil Tecca Fans Break Out Into “F*ck Lil Mosey” Chants After Beef Kicks Off


New York rapper Lil Tecca is officially embroiled in his first rap beef and it’s only right that he’s going up against another baby-faced savage. Both Tecca and Lil Mosey have a lot in common. They both have a few popular songs to their name, they’re both seventeen-years-old, and they both have a youthful look and energy to them. Considering they’re still learning how to move in the industry, growing up in a bright spotlight, it was only a matter of time before they got on each other’s bad side. Maybe in a few months, they’ll be best of friends but, right now, it’s an all-out war. 

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Lil Mosey called out the braces-wearing rapper on social media the other day, telling his supporters to never bring up the youngin again. Lil Tecca took the shots in stride but his fans weren’t about to let the Seattle star off that easy. During his second show in Los Angeles, Lil Tecca’s fans at the El Rey Theater began chanting profanities at his newfound rival and the whole thing was caught on video. 

In a video reposted online by hip-hop commentator DJ Akademiks, Lil Tecca can be seen trying to stop his fans from going too hard at Mosey. The recording artist did not incite the crowd to begin the “Fuck Mosey” yelps but he didn’t exactly force them to stop right away either. 

Do you think this will become a longlasting beef or will it dwell over soon?


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