Lil Tjay Opens The Decade With Reflective “20/20”


If you haven’t listened to a new song in 2020, perhaps it’s time to kick things off with some new music from Lil Tjay. Where many have already established their newfound resolutions, Tjay’s new reflection of self “20/20” finds him stepping back for some analysis. Off the bat, the young rapper gives his song some breathing room, opting to let the piano speak for an expressive thirty-second introduction. Once the drums hit, Tjay wastes little time in setting a scene, lamenting the pitfalls of an increased profile.

Yet it’s not all bittersweet symphonies. The hypnotic instrumental provides a relaxing backdrop, and Tjay’s flow remains sharp without invading the space. “A lot of n***as think it’s competition, they amaze me,” sing-raps Tjay, in the closing verse. “I was going downhill, jail kind of saved me.” Be sure to check this one out now, and look for big things to come from the self-declared “Prince Of New York.”

Quotable Lyrics

Lot of n***s think it’s competition, they amaze me
I was goin’ downhill, jail kinda saved me
Gotta keep the hard work, ain’t no gettin’ lazy
Smokin’ opposition kinda sorta got me dazy
Think you’d last a day up in my shoes, a n***a trade me
Bitch, I need a billion in blues like I’m Jay-Z


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