Lil Tjay Reflects On Rubi Rose Drama On “The Breakfast Club”


Lil Tjay finally unveiled his highly anticipated project Destined 2 Win on Friday (April 2). As part of his promotional campaign for the project, the teenager recently appeared on The Breakfast Club for an interview with the crew. Divulging in matters of the Bronx rap scene, new music, constructive circles, and more, the native New Yorker also opened up about the public social media drama that went down between him and fellow rapper Rubi Rose as well as his significant growth in maturity since then. 

Jerod Harris/Getty Images for West Coast Cure

“It was something about a girl that you flew out but then wouldn’t fly her back or something like that?” asked DJ Envy, referencing Rubi Rose, who had taken to social media to blast the rapper for failing to do so at the time. 

“I was a little shorty,” he began. “I mean, real sh*t, we just had a little miscommunication. She flew in to see me, seen some girls on my phone, got mad, overreacted.”

“That happens,” affirmed DJ Envy. Tjay continued, “You know, she tried to call them people on me for no reason [the police]. And, that was just so left field for me, you know I’m from New York, you not going to the police you don’t even want nobody to speak about that after so that’s not what you gon’ do, you know what I’m saying?”

“You don’t see that a lot. So I’m just like, in disbelief. It was a whole little internet moment.” He finished, expressing newfound maturity since the incident. “Me today, you’ll never see that from me ever again. Like, you know what I’m saying, whatever the situation is we gon’ try to maneuver it in another, I don’t want no negative. I’m trying to stay positive. That was a waste of my time, you feel me?” 

Check out the clip of this moment above as well as the full-length interview below.