Lil Uzi Vert Fights Off Security Trying To Drag Fan Off Stage


It seems there was an epidemic of people running onto stages at Rolling Loud New York this past weekendA Boogie wit da Hoodie had a fan pop up and try to vibe out with him before security got hold of the intruder. Pusha T was surprised by Wale rushing toward him during his set, which almost resulted in Push reflexively throwing hands. Lil Uzi Vert was another victim of lax security (or excessively-hyped attendees) at the festival. 

A fan jumped on stage while Uzi was performing his recent single, “That’s A Rack.” A masked Uzi immediately started rapping along with him, but their chemistry was stunted by multiple security guards running to remove the man. Within seconds, massive men started crowding around in increasing numbers while Uzi tried to defend the fan. The song was cut while the situation was de-escalated. The security should have realized that Uzi was cool with the fan being there before causing a greater interruption. 

Uzi has called out over-zealous security guards before for being too aggressive with fans during his set. Last time this occurred was at Made In America festival, when Uzi spotted a fan in the crowd being handled too roughly

PSA: Stop jumping on stages. However, if you do, it’s probably best you do it at an Uzi show because he’ll make sure you don’t get your ass beat. 


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