Lil Uzi Vert Hits Wheelies While Riding A 4-Wheeler Through The Streets Of Philly


Lil Uzi Vert has been having the time of his life in 2021. After getting a massive pink diamond implanted on his forehead, he finally made his relationship with City Girls’ rapper JT official, and although their relationship has seen its fair share of antics and drama, the two artists seem to be as happy as ever. With the promise of “bangers” on the way, it looks like Uzi’s eventful year is only getting started.

In addition to his love life, musical output, and dynamic fashion choices, it now appears that the Eternal Atake artist is already up to something else. In a recent Instagram post, the Philadelphia-born rapper shared a clip of himself riding a four-wheeler through the streets of his hometown, showing off his wheelie-popping skills.

Simply captioned, “It was a nice day in Philly,” Uzi’s new Instagram video shows him riding out and popping several daring wheelies in succession, and the “Drankin N Smokin” artist does appear to be having a good time. In the video, you can hear a young person reacting to Uzi’s tricks in awe and even refer to him as “the Wheelie Man.”

Check out Uzi’s four-wheeler theatrics and stay tuned for more news regarding the Pluto x Baby Pluto artist.