Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz Don’t Love These Hoes On “Know You Know”


Lil Wayne dropped Funeral on Friday, marking his thirteenth studio album of his long career. The 24-track project is dense with what many are saying is his best body of work in many moons, some fans even noting that it serves as somewhat of a collective of all of Wayne’s different artistic phases. Funeral does not fall short with features, including the 2 Chainz-assisted track, “Know You Know.” Though brief, both Chainz and Wayne deliver solid verses on the less-than-3-minute track, each illustrating how to spot a “hoe” in the wild. While they both demonstrate their lyrical abilities, a standout element is Wayne’s voice harmonizing on the chorus, particularly on the line, “kissing on you with the same throat.” Raising his signature auto-tuned tone several octaves, his declarations of hoe-ism are made that much more convincing. Still, there are some bars dropped that are not to be outshined. 2 Chainz’ “Get a rush when the egg sizzle/Pocket full of dead people” rolls off the tongue with ease, yet the contrasting visual will be stuck in your brain for days. 


Quotable Lyrics

You on the side like a baked potato
You look crazy, I don’t wanna change you
If you a car, I would candy paint you
That’s a bar, that’s an indicator
Deep breath, hyperventilation
Shorty gon’ share that throat (Throat)
She got the best, let’s vote (Vote), yeah




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