Lil Wayne, Big Sean, & Lil Baby Stay Ready On “I Do It”


We’ll undoubtedly be sharing a number of Lil Wayne’s track from his highly-anticipated, recently released project Funeral, so let’s kick things off with his collaboration with Big Sean and Lil Baby. Weezy has been hush-hush about his latest project, but he did share with XXL that he linked up with the Detroit emcee and the Atlanta rapper in New York City.

“I don’t want to give up the goods on too many. Lil Baby. I’m a big Lil Baby fan,” Wayne said in the Summer of 2019. He added that Lil Baby was quite tenacious in his approach to get his vocals on Funeral. But actually he demanded that he work with me. That’s a new thing these days. Back in the days when I was doing it, there was no such thing as you send me your song. You had to be in the studio with that person. He demanded that. So I respected that. We got to do the session together. We was out here in New York, not long ago. Probably a month ago. It was him, I and Big Sean.”

During that same interview, Wayne shared that “I Do It” was just with Lil Baby (who also provided the beat) and he wasn’t sure Sean Don would join in. We can see that the duo indeed turned into a trio, so get ready to head-bob your way through “I Do It.”

Quotable Lyrics

Lil Tunechi, I’m in the b*tch, I’ma cook it like Lucious (Yeah, yeah)
I’m gonna sip out that purple pollution (Yeah, yeah)
I get the checks and just do it no swooshes (Yeah, yeah)
Flex on my ex then I flex on my new b*tch (Yeah, yeah)
No disrespect, I bust down the noose (Yeah, yeah)
Put it on my neck, now my neck a nuisance (Yeah)
I am a mess, I am a mutant (Yeah)
Bullets go through your vest like it’s translucent


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