Lil Wayne Helps BAPE Re-Release Their Infamous UGG Capsule: Photos


BAPE is one of the biggest streetwear brands in the world and for years, they have been impressing consumers with their loud designs and consistent branding that consists of the infamous BAPE gorilla. The brand has been propped up by various musical artists such as Pharrell, Pusha T, and even Lil Wayne. BAPE is well aware of Wayne’s impact on the culture and back in April, they used him to promote a brand new capsule in collaboration with UGG. Now, they are re-releasing the capsule with Wayne at the center of the campaign, once again. 

As you can see from the Instagram post below, the capsule will feature what appears to be an incredibly cozy jacket, as well as some slippers and boots that feature UGG’s signature fluffy aesthetic. BAPE camo is incorporated into all of the pieces, including the huge mitts which match the brownish color of all the other pieces you can find here.

According to Hypebeast, this capsule will be making it’s return to the market on Saturday, November 9th so be sure to check out your local BAPE retailer for more details. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on copping any of these items.


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