Lil Wayne Is A Passenger On Private Jet Searched By Feds In Miami: Report


It appears as though Lil Wayne might be facing issues with the law, once again. According to the Miami Herald, a private jet that Lil Wayne was on was stopped by federal agents at the Miami-Opa locka Executive Airport. Law enforcement has confirmed that Lil Wayne is on the flight. Federal agents were warned about the possibility of drugs being transported. By the time the afternoon came, the Miami federal judge granted agents a search warrant to inspect the flight.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

At this point, nothing has been confirmed, nor has there been any charges laid. However, the federal search did include a slew of agencies including Miami-Dade officers, FBI, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Agents found Lil Wayne and made everyone aboard the flight wait at the airport until they are done searching the flight.

This could wage a major problem for Lil Wayne ahead of the holidays. Anyone who is charged might be in federal custody on Christmas. The Federal Detention Center in downtown Miami would be where any suspect would be detained until they can appear in federal court on Thursday since courts are closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. 

Whether the federal agents found anything is extremely unclear at this point. We will keep you updated on the latest information. 


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