Lil Wayne Reconnects With Mannie Fresh On “Mahogany”


When he’s in his bag, there’s nobody who can snap with the feral intensity of Lil Wayne. His flow is elite, his references clever, sliding sleek wordplay in his schemes with ease. “I’m a Libra I’ll weigh it out, hope the reaper don’t take me out,” he raps, on Funeral’s second track “Mahogany.” “I’m too eager to wait it out, stuck the heater in Satan mouth.” While the legendary rapper’s latest album is only a few hours young, his opening quartet of bangers makes a strong impression off the gate. Perhaps no more so on this particular track, which channels the spirit of “A Milli” and “6 Foot 7 Foot” in its commitment to groove.

Another notable trait of “Mahogany” is a production credit from longtime Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh. Building on the baseline set by emerging producer Sarcastic Sounds, the pair provide Weezy an infectious vocal-heavy hypnotic chant prime for his destruction. It’s the perfect pocket for Weezy F, who proves once again that technical prowess doesn’t need to feel mathematical. Check out “Mahogany” now, and share you favorite Funeral cuts in the comments below. Is this the Weezy album you’ve been waiting for?

Quotable Lyrics

Oh, you made it? I made it out
But you shady like 8 Mile
8-Ball from Orange, my letdown, I lay her down
Like an eagle, she spread it out, air it out, yeah, I ate it out
I’m a Libra, I weigh it out
Hope the reaper don’t take me out
I’m too eager to wait it out
Stuck the heater in Satan’s mouth
Pray polices don’t raid the house


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