Lil Wayne Revealed As Robot On New Season On “Masked Singer”


Immediately after the Kansas City Chiefs claimed their Super Bowl win, a new season of the Masked Singer singing competition aired as audiences were introduced to a new round of ornately-masked celebrities who compete without revealing their identities, leaving audiences to rely on performances and various clues to guess who each competitor is.

In the first episode, one of the six new characters would have to be eliminated at the end of the show, and, the crowd eventually opted to eliminate the artist formerly known as The Robot. Per usual, elimination is attached to an unmasking. To the judges’ surprise, it was none other than Tunechi who was behind the visage.

Lil Wayne used clues such as a skateboard and a game controller (a nod toward his XBox commercial) to give the public any idea of who he might be. His song of choice was Lenny Kravtiz’s “Are You gonna Walk My Way.” In hindsight, the performance was very clearly drenched in Wayne’s vocals. Ultimately, it proved to be another dynamic moment in the rapper’s career and a fun surprise for the fans at home who generally called the identity of Wayne before it was made official. 

Now, the remaining contestants include Miss Monster, Llama, White Tiger, Turtle, and Kangaroo. Fans also seem convinced that the latter is Jordyn Woods while White Tiger points toward a resurfacing from Rob Gronkowski.


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