Lil Wayne’s Private Jet Had Cocaine & Gun Seized At Airport: Report


If you missed it yesterday, Lil Wayne’s private jet was raided in Miami, Florida after federal agents claimed they got a tip on drugs being transported on the plane. While details have remained scarce, authorities claim to have found some cocaine and a gun on board.

Agents boarded Wayne’s airplane after it landed a Miami-Opa Locka Executive airport, and searched it for any illegal items. The Miami-Herald reports that the agents seized cocaine and a gun while on the plane. The search was reportedly done by federal investigators with the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco, Firearms, and Explosives along with Miami-Dade Police Department all working together.

Those who were on the flight could face federal charges for transporting the drugs and the gun. However, it is unclear if Lil Wayne will be amongst the people charged. Wayne’s Florida attorney told the media he was cleared to leave the scene, which seemingly puts the items & possible charges on other passengers. Wayne also tweeted out earlier today that everything was “all goody.” So maybe he has a good “fall guy” to take the heat for him? Or maybe authorities are lying about what they found? Either way, this probably won’t be the last we hear about this story.

This is the second hip-hop artist to have their plane raided in less than a month. Chicago rapper JuiceWRLD has his private jet searched by federal agents for a similar issue, which tragically ended with his death after he attempted to swallow some of the evidence (pills) on the jet.

We’ll keep you posted if anything further develops out of this story.



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