Lil Xan Claims He’ll Be The Biggest Rapper After His Next Project Drops


No Jumper’s Adam22 was invited over to Lil Xan’s new Orange County home to promote the rapper’s new FOX-funded livestreamed show. However, the promotional opportunity devolved into a slurry mess as Lil Xan forgot to plug himself for the majority of the 16-minute No Jumper episode. 

A significant chunk of the video takes place in Xan’s Mercedes in his garage. They sit in the motionless car and listen to a new track off Lil Xan’s upcoming project, titled “Baby, You Love Me.” Xan prefaces the song by insisting that his new music is going to make waves and denouncing any naysayers. “We coming back. You say my music fell off. I’m a fucking celebrity, but I’m about to be the biggest motherfucking rapper after I drop this next tape.” The next tape will seemingly be called Xanarchy’s Cookbook, which Xan says will be dropping December 3rd and will be “going top 5 this time.” 

At one point in the video, as Xan and his friend tell Adam about how they have transitioned from Juuling to chain-smoking cigarettes, a woman who appears to be Xan’s manager intervenes and reminds Xan to mention his new show. Since the message got a bit muddled on No Jumper, I’ll do the work of plugging XanarchyTV, which will appear regularly on the livestreaming app, Caffeine. 

The show will be shot in Xan’s garage, which was seen decorated with the paintings that he commissioned of Mac Miller, Lil Peep and XXXTentacion


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