Lil Xan Rushed To Hospital For Coronavirus Panic Attack


Lil Xan, like most Americans, is feeling the short-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic right now. We’re all cooped up in our homes, unable to go anywhere as most services have been deemed non-essential. For somebody like Lil Xan, that includes the studio, music video shoots, concerts, and more. Being the primary breadwinner of his family, a lot of responsibility is on the rapper’s shoulders to keep his loved ones afloat and, according to TMZ, the pressure bubbled up to a point where he had a panic attack so bad that he needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Lil Xan is currently quarantined at his mother’s home in Corona, California and she was the person who called an ambulance for him after he was reportedly hallucinating so badly that she was worried. 

Xan says that the doctors told him he suffered from a panic attack, but he does not remember much of the episode. He believes that the anxiety he’s been feeling as a result of the quarantine is what triggered the attack. 

Lil Xan
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The 23-year-old adds that his album was delayed due to the pandemic, leaving him in a tough spot in terms of creating income. He is now recovering from his panic attack.

Send some love his way. Love him or hate him, this situation is not easy for anybody and nobody deserves to be suffering — even if they disrespected Tupac a few years ago.



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