Lil Xan Suffered Seizures Due To Withdrawal But Is “Completely Sober Now”


After the fatal overdoses of two of his favorite artists, Lil Peep and Mac Miller, Lil Xan committed himself to getting clean. He publicly shared this goal in November 2018, but suffered from relapses on his road to sobriety. A year ago, he admitted himself into rehab to “get over that last hump.” Today, he opened up to TMZ about the difficulties of weaning off drugs, which resulted in him being in the hospital.

Xan said that he tried quit opioids cold turkey, but experienced a couple seizures due to withdrawal. He confessed that his recent show cancellations and brief disappearance from social media were a result of him struggling with withdrawal. At the time, he wasn’t ready to share this news with the world, but now he says he’s “completely sober now” and has “never felt better and more clearheaded.”

When the 23-year-old artist spoke to TMZ last year, he told them that he planned on changing his stage name. When asked whether he intends to keep the ‘Lil Xan’ moniker when he gets sober, he said that he’d start releasing music under his birth name, Diego. “No more celebrating or talking good about drugs and all that,” he assured. Perhaps the name change will come soon. 


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