Lil Yachty, Future, & Playboi Carti Join Forces For “Flex Up”


New Music Friday came bearing gifts this week with the release of “Flex Up” by Lil Yachty featuring Future and Playboi Carti. The single off of his deluxe album — cleverly named Lil Boat 3.5 — came late last night, complimented with a psychedelic, otherworldly music video. 

The track starts off with Future rapping a capella before a hefty beat drops about six seconds in. If you’ve been looking for a track to hype you up, look no further. From the get-go, it is an absolute banger and definitely not for the faint of heart or for somebody trying to wind down. 

The music video is equally exciting. Yachty, Future, and Playboi appear to be in an empty movie theater — which on paper might not sound that thrilling. But the trippy lighting and visual effects prove otherwise.

“There’s people who love me and who’ve been with me throughout these years. They enjoy it, and it’s something for them. The album is just as fun,” Yachty told Complex of his latest project. He later joked on Instagram: “I hope every leaker dies.”

Quotable Lyrics:
Six speeds, Bentleys, APs, that sh*t light
Two-piece, FNs, red dots, chop your height
His b*tch posted us on her story, now he tight
My b*tch, she know better, she do that and she might die
I was buyin’ Birkins at eighteen 
That’s why she don’t mind the B’s, f*ck you mean? 
My Spur fatal, rock ’em, cradle 
I don’t hang with brokes, I don’t take advice 
N*ggas snitchin’, meet in person, feds tapped bro device
Spent a quarter like a hoarder, ball like Jerry Rice