Lil Yachty Gets Irritated By Kids Touching His Maybach: Watch


It must be annoying to be a celebrity and have strangers rush your car. It must a whole other level of annoying to have these strangers scuff up your clean car with their fingerprints. In that sense, some may be able to sympathize with Lil Yachty’s recent plight documented in his IG Story. 

The Atlanta rapper was trying to preview an unreleased song of his that features Trippie Redd when young fans popped up at his window. While Lil Boat refused to roll down his window, he ended up bickering with the kids for a bit. One of them appeared to be asking him for money to buy water, which Yachty jokingly gave him a hard time about. After a brief interrogation, Yachty conceded to donate some cash. “I’ll support y’all, so next time I see you, I want you to have some water,” he said.

However, once he reaches for the money, more nagging youngins start gathering around his luxury vehicle. Yachty puts his foot down. “There’s too many of y’all… Hell nah, get your fingers off my Maybach, man,” he admonishes. He informs them that he’s driving a quarter-million dollar car before driving away from the ambush. Was Yachty too harsh on the kids? 

In other news, Lil Yachty, Lil Keed and Lil Gotit are all joining forces to release a collaborative tape on Friday, produced by Zaytoven and titled A-Team.


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