Lil Yachty Ranks Drake’s Discography, Gets Called Out For “More Life” Placement


It’s always a good day to rank an artist’s discography for no reason. There didn’t seem to be anything specific that prompted Lil Yachty to list his favorite Drake projects on Tuesday (Jan. 21), but he went for it anyway. The Atlanta rapper took to Twitter to share “My drake list in order from best to least best imo”, which looks like this: 

1. Take Care
3. Nothing Was The Same
4. What A Time To Be Alive
5. Thank Me Later
6. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
7. More Life
8. Scorpion 

Before we get heated over his picks, let’s remember Lil Boat is entitled to his opinion, as we all are. While arguments for other albums can be made, Take Care in the top spot is a fairly uncontroversial opinion. What has people up in arms is Yachty’s placement of More Life. The top replies under his tweet read: “You really sleeping on more life like that”, “More Life is 1”, “More Life heavily slept on”. Evidently, fans dug Drake’s 2017 playlist. Yachty was also accused of not paying proper respect to Drizzy’s latest release, Scorpion.

How you feel about this ranking? What would your own look like? Also, do you think WATTBA should qualify? Let us know in the comments. You could also participate in Yachty’s own poll that he posted on Twitter, but he narrowed it down to four albums. 


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