Lindsay Lohan Pops Up In Tyga’s IG Comments… Again


People were confused last year when Linsday Lohan appeared to be shooting her shot under Tyga’s Insta posts. We’re just as confused now that she’s back at it again. In 2018, many got a good laugh out of Lohan commenting “#Taste” on a photo of Tyga lying shirtless on his bed. While she was likely referring to his fine selection of the Chanel pillow that cushioned his head, some interpreted the message as her expressing her desire to get a #taste of Tyga. 

Yesterday, the “Taste” rapper posted a selfie and a photo of himself on a yacht with Sydney, Australia tagged as his location. Lohan is currently residing in Australia to film the competition show, The Masked Singer, on which she is a judge. The “Xanax” singer commented “#copycat” on Tyga’s recent post, possibly in a flirtatious attempt to link up in the land Down Under.  According to Hollywood Life, she even slid in Tyga’s DM, as she “had a thing for Tyga for ages.”

Last time LiLo thirsted over Tyga, it was reported that he was not interested in the former child star. Although, a source did say he was flattered. Anyway, T-Raww might be taken at the moment by you-know-who… 


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