Lira Galore Files Restraining Order Against QC’s Pierre Thomas After Alleging Abuse


Last month, Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas was accused by his baby mother, Lira Galore, of violently abusing her during her first 8 months of pregnancy with their daughter, Khaleesi. Pee denied these abuse allegations, instead claiming that Lira is the abusive one and that the money she is seeking for her injuries is nothing but “a 15 million dollar shake down.”

Following her claims of Pee’s violent tendencies and her fear of him as a result, Lira has now filed to seek a temporary protective order against him. Last week, the two of them appeared at a court hearing in their custody battle for 9-month-old Khaleesi, which was initiated after Pee requested joint custody for their daughter back in May followed by Lira’s counterclaim in December. Lira claims that during these courtroom proceedings, she felt even more threatened by Pee after he allegedly exhibited “menacing behaviour.” Lira claims that Pee did multiple things that made her feel uncomfortable, such as glare at her while they were sitting across from each other in a conference room as well as secretly attempt to take photos of her. She also alleges that he tried to get her phone number after approaching her in an “intimidating nature.” Further, when Lira and her lawyer tried to leave the room, Pee blocked the doorway and harassed her, and a deputy had to be called on to escort her out of the building.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TIDAL

Lira has disclosed that all of this intimidating and questionable behaviour has left her traumatized. Even her lawyer revealed that, “for the first time in her legal career, [she] felt unsafe in the courtroom.” Lira is asking for a court order to keep Pee 100 yards away from and to not have any contact with her.


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