Little Women Gets Fair Start With $7M Christmas Box Office


The Christmas Day box office numbers are in and the reception to the recently released remake of Little Women is in. According to Variety, the movie was fairly received and has gotten a return of $7M dollars in box office sales on Christmas Day. The latter places the movie at a profit of $24M dollars in box office sales over the holiday weekend and it is expected to acquire enough to make up for its production cost of $40M. The movie is looking at the third place depending on how things go, but it is well-positioned for nominations at the upcoming awards ceremony.

Moreover, the first two spots are maintained by the newest Jumanji movie, Next Level, which clocked in an extra $12.5M on Christmas and is looking at acquiring a total of $185M by the end of this weekend. The other spot is maintained by the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise, Rise of Skywalker, which we previously reported on it smashing the box office right now. As the holiday season continues, movies like Frozen 2 and Knives Out are making a major comeback with families having more time to step into theatres. They respectively snagged a return of $24M and $20M thus far this week. 



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