Lizzo Brings Out Macaulay Culkin To Dance On Stage


What do Lizzo and Macaulay Culkin have in common? The Internet loves them both. And luckily, their worlds collided to produce some super re-postable content. Essentially everything Culkin does goes viral, like when he trolled Drake for wearing his face on the back of a hoodie

At a recent stop on her Cuz I Love You tour, the Home Alone star was called on stage to participate in a roll call. He performs the call-and-response with Lizzo before breaking out in dance with the “Truth Hurts” singer and her backup dancers. Culkin’s move of choice turns out to be the sprinkler, which he goes all in for before being joined by shiny-outfitted women behind him. He posted a video of the hilarious occurrence on Instagram with the following caption: “When @lizzobeeating asks you to do a silly dance… You get up there and do a silly dance.” A silly dance, he certainly did. 

While we’re discussing Lizzo and 90’s child stars, remember when Frankie Muniz publicly requested to be Lizzo’s “accessory”… as in her purse that she puts a chain around while he holds her stuff? Yeah, I haven’t stopped thinking about that either. The Internet’s truly a weird place. 


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