Lizzo Enters Meme Territory With “This Is For Rachel” Bikini Thirst Trap


After earning a slew of award nominations to close out her break-out year, Lizzo slipped into her skin-tight gold bikini and showed off her curves on social media. The Detroit native is all about body positivity, flaunting her beauty for her fans to praise and singing about self-acceptance in her most popular tunes. She’s set to make a big splash at the Grammy Awards this weekend but, before then, she’s hoping to get picked up on Generation Z’s favorite social platform: TikTok.

If you scroll through your For You page, you’re bound to come across a number of “This Is For Rachel” videos, using a viral voicemail message left from an employee to their boss, viciously insulting her “oompa loompa” frame and coming for her entire life. The audio has been placed over City Girls’ “Act Up” instrumental and, shockingly enough, it actually sounds pretty darned good on there. The trend has been picking up on TikTok and Twitter and Lizzo decided to get things popping on her end, draping herself in Ivy Park x Adidas and entering the fray with her own video. She rocked a revealing orange get-up, once again creeping into thirst trap territory with tons of commenters letting her know they rock with what she’s got.

Lizzo will be performing at the Grammy Awards this Sunday. Are you looking forward to that?


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