Lizzo Fans Urged To Not Spend $19K On Fake Concert Tickets Sold By Bots


Lizzo’s music is beloved by fans all over who could probably sing the lyrics to “Truth Hurts” in their sleep but does that mean spending $19,000 to see her in concert? The answer is no. Australian fans who patiently waited for her tickets to become available for her Melbourne tour stop were hit with frustration after a high number of tickets were unavailable.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The issue at hand is that bots are miraculously buying a lot of tickets and then reselling for crazy amounts – in Lizzo’s case, $19K in Australian dollars. “Very annoying that bots beat fans to all the @lizzo tickets within 3 seconds but very cute to imagine them as lots of roombas whizzing around the dance floor to truth hurts at the forum,” one user wrote on Twitter

Sites such as Viagog prove to be the culprit, selling other restricted tickets for $1,335, and others for $335.

“We urge you to be aware that Lizzo’s Melbourne sideshow tickets are sold only via Ticketmaster,” a statement by Music Junkee reads. “Tickets are dispatched 48 hours before the show — literally none of these bots like Viagogo are selling valid tickets.”

Peep more reactions below and beware of fake tickets out there. 


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