Lizzo & Tomi Lahren Butt Heads Over Trump Impeachment Results


On Wednesday, the United States House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of justice, on the grounds that he was involved in attempting to coerce members of the Ukrainian government for information related to the 2020 election. The reactions have been plentiful, and while some, like singer Lizzo, were thrilled that this step had been taken, others, like political pundit Tomi Lahren, were not thrilled at people being thrilled.

Lizzo quote tweeted a previous tweet she posted in September about Trump that simply said “IM🍑MENT,” with “This aged well…” Tomi was not having it, though, as she fired back with “Well @realDonaldTrump is still your president. Truth hurts. #KAG2020.” She points out that Trump has not actually been officially removed from office, as the senate still has to vote to get him out. Of course, Tomi also used Lizzo’s most well known song title, “Truth Hurts,” but Lizzo had some words for Tomi about what’s true and what hurts. 

“The only thing that hurts is this country is divided by hatred fueled from people like you.. why don’t u do better and give ya boy some advice on telling the truth, he’s gonna need it.” Whew. Unfortunately, Tomi got the last word in (at least in this direct exchange): “Hatred? This whole witch hunt was fueled by hatred from the Left, from those who can’t stand the fact the country is soaring under this president. You don’t have to like or support @realDonaldTrump but win by voting in 2020, not attempting to nullify the 2016 election.” Lizzo did not engage any further in the back and forth, instead letting us know that she’s feeling “good as hell” and that Tomi’s words are not getting to her by tweeting, “Anyways, I’m having a great day!” 


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