LL Cool J Questions “Forefather Of Pop Rap” Title


It’s undeniable that Rap has evolved since its inception, but LL Cool J isn’t feeling the latest title bestowed upon him. The 53-year-old Rap legend has been in the game since the mid-1980s and helped blur the lines between hard bars coming from the streets and the new R&B movement at the time that was gaining traction. We’ve received some classic Rap-R&B hits from LL Cool J including “I Need Love,” “Hey Lover,” “Loungin’,” and “Doin It,” and it’s clear that he’s a pioneer in the entertainment industry.

As we attempt to categorize artists, some of our legends are being tossed in lanes that they don’t necessarily believe they adhere to. It’s unclear where this latest label came from, but Cool James posed a question to his followers for a little help in understanding why he’s been named the “forefather of pop rap.”

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Gregg DeGuire / Stringer / Getty Images

“Me being called the forefather of pop rap is very confusing. What the f*ck are you talking about?? LOL,” LL tweeted. He has yet to offer up a follow-up message to share where he received his information, but his fans were quick to point out that if anyone would take that crown, it should be the Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff. 

LL has had a few Pop-Rap mash-ups in the past, but some think naming him a “forefather” of the genre is a stretch. Who do you think the title actually belongs to?