Lloyd Banks Says He Thinks He’s Going To “Relapse” & Fans Hope He’s Talking Music


2019 was an off-year for former G-Unit star Lloyd Banks. The punchline king felt underappreciated the year prior, announcing his retirement from rap before backtracking and claiming that he was just joking. Then, he was placed dead last on one of those viral “Top 50 Rappers of All Time” lists which angered the lyricist even further. Things culminated in September when he sadly admitted that he doesn’t think anybody is checking for him anymore, which couldn’t be further from the truth. We published an article detailing why the game still needs Lloyd Banks and a bunch of y’all agreed, hoping for some new vibes sometime soon. Today, Banks got back on his cryptic tip, tweeting to the world that he feels as though he’s about to relapse, and fans are seriously praying that he’s referring to a musical breakthrough.

We’re keeping Lloyd Banks in our thoughts today as he just let the world know during a vulnerable moment that he thinks he’s nearing a relapse. Instead of wishing him well in his replies though, the majority of his fans are interpreting this as a sign that new music could be near. “For Rap?! YOU BETTER RELAPSE,” wrote one fan. “As long as you talking about bars Banks,” said another.

We’re in the same boat as many of the people replying to the thread. If this is about music, we’re getting hyped at this quasi-announcement. However, if it pertains to drugs or alcohol, we’re sending all the strength in the world to Lloyd Banks so he can power through and continue on his path towards a great life.

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