Logan Paul To Appear On “SmackDown” As Sami Zayn’s “Guest Of Honor”


WWE Superstar Sami Zayn will be bringing Logan Paul to the red carpet premiere of his new documentary as his “guest of honor.” The documentary will show how the WWE is plotting a conspiracy against him.

“Hey man, I noticed you started following me on here. Check your DMs, I sent a bunch of raw footage that my documentary crew has collected over the past few months,” Zayn tweeted at Paul, Thursday. “What you saw was the tip of the iceberg. No one understands how bad @WWE has it out for me. Judge for yourself. Thx.”

“Yeah, I checked it out. you might be on to something,” Paul responded

Logan Paul, Sami Zayn
Michael Reaves / Getty Images

Zayn confirmed that Paul would make an appearance during The KO Show, hosted by WWE star Kevin Owens. The red carpet is scheduled for the April 2nd episode of SmackDown.

Zayn and Owens will fight during WrestleMania which is scheduled for Saturday, April 10, and Sunday, April 11 in Tampa, Florida.

Paul has been going back and forth with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather in recent months. The two were expected to fight back in February but the match was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. No makeup date has been confirmed.