London On Da Track Allegedly Accuses Baby Mama Of Drug Abuse


Producer London On Da Track is allegedly seeking full custody of his son from the child’s mother Erica Vorters. In his legal paperwork, he reportedly throws his baby mama under the bus for her supposed erratic behavior, arguing that he is the much more stable parent financially, emotionally, mentally, and professionally. 

According to a report by Bossip, the producer is looking to be awarded full custody of his son London, who is turning four-years-old this year. In the legal battle, the hitmaker is taking shots at Vorters, claiming that she is unfit to be a full-time parent to their child.

The complaint that London lodged effectively accuses his baby mama of abusing drugs and acting erratically in person, in addition to making worrying posts on social media.

London On Da Track
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

London has allegedly asked for a full psychological evaluation of Erica Vorters, as well as a special guardian to advocate for the child in court. 

Alleging that he makes more than $25,000 every month, London argues that he is more than financially capable of taking care of his son. 

In the past, Erica has accused London of stiffing her on child support payments, claiming that he is more than $20,000 behind. She also says that he is not consistently involved in his boy’s life.

Temporary custody has been awarded to London as the court weighs each side’s arguments.



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