London On Da Track Gushes Over Newborn Daughter: “Allah’s Best Birthday Gift”


For a while, it was unclear to the public whether or not Summer Walker and London on da Track would still be a couple by the time their bundle of joy arrived. Through the ups and downs, though, they’ve ultimately remained a couple and seem to be happier than ever with the new edition to their family. While it was previously suspected that Summer had made a page for their daughter, known as “Princess Bubble Gum” for now, she later denied creating the page and vowed to never show her children online. London recently took to Instagram gush over his youngest child, sharing perhaps the closest glimpse of the newborn the public will ever get.   

On Saturday (March 27), the producer shared a photo of the infant gripping onto his pinkie. “From the first time I held you in my arms I knew you were special I’m overwhelmed wit Joy I Can’t even [cap],” he penned in the caption, using the emoji in lieu of the actual world. 

“This Allah’s best birthday gift to me… priceless moments u can value forever,” he continued.

“[Erykah Badu] gratitude beloved for the genuineness and love. We grateful for [you] being a part of our lil Princess Bubblegum journey. [Summer Walker] this gift I can cherish 4L,” he finished, tagging his beau and completing the message with a pair of snake emojis and a green heart, translating colloquially to slime forever. 

Earlier this week, she confirmed she had given birth sometime recently. “So let’s all forget I was pregnant & move on with our lives so I can enjoy my little angel in peace [heart eyes emoji][smiling emoji with halo],” she wrote. 

Congratulations to the couple!