Lonzo Ball Reveals Who’s The Hardest Player To Compete Against: Watch


Lonzo Ball is about to embark on his third season in the NBA and after two full seasons, Ball has seen his fair share of phenomenal players. When you’re going up against professionals each and every night, you’re going to see some extraordinary talent and Ball is no different. The eldest Ball brother has an appreciation for the players he has played against as well as those he has played with himself. 

In a recent interview, Ball was asked about which player in the league was the hardest to compete against. As it turns out. Ball’s Los Angeles Lakers teammate from last year, LeBron James, was at the top of the list. Ball says LeBron is especially difficult to play against in practice and can make you look like a fool pretty easily.

From there, Lonzo went on to speak about the sheer size and strength of his Pelicans teammate Zion Williamson. For now, Zion is out for two months with a knee injury but when he comes back, he’s expected to be a monstrous force in the league. Fans are excited to see what Williamson can bring to the table and Ball is already certain of his potential.

Needless to say, Ball is more inspired by his teammates than his competitors.

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