Lord Jamar Blasts Eminem: “You Filthy Piece Of Trailer Park Sh*t”


Following the release of Eminem’s Music To Be Murdered By, which featured some bars aimed at his old pal Lord Jamar, it seemed inevitable that the Godcast host would have something to say. Naturally, he linked up with VladTV for another interview and it didn’t take long for Jamar’s animosity to reach a boiling point.  

“He made a whole song about me,” says Jamar. “Stepdad! The whole song ‘Stepdad!'” Vlad appears confused, and Jamar sings the chorus for his benefit. “‘Ain’t he talking about me? No!? I thought ‘Stepdad’ is the one he’s talking about me. Which song are you talking about? Oh the one where he had a little verse about me? Nah, that ain’t as good as the ‘Stepdad!’ ‘Stepdad’ is banging! That shit rocks! That’s a whole song about me!” 

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After clarifying that the song in question is “I Will,” Jamar admits to having heard it. “I thought ‘Stepdad’ was much better,” continues Jamar, doubling down on the Eminem lyric impressions before cycling back to “I Will.” “It was almost Slaughterhouse, but no Joe so it falls short,” reasons Jamar. “I know what he said! Don’t read his lyrics for him. I know what this bitch-ass said. And? And what? I’m still unscathed! Guess what, muthafuckas still ain’t listening to that in the hood…They gotta read about it, because again my point is proven, nobody listens to your fuckin’ shit!”

“I figured out that I live rent-free in Eminem’s fuckin brain,” he continues. “I got squatters rights in that bitch. And might I say, it’s fuckin’ filthy in there. Okay? He talks about yeah, I’d be cleaning the sinks for Rakim. Yeah, we clean our fucking houses you filthy piece of trailer park shit. We clean our fucking houses. Cleanliness is next to godliness. I’d be glad to clean the house of hip-hop’s sink. Your trailer park is filthy. But I’m in here chilling — you’ll have to call the ‘Marshalls’ to get me out.” 

Can we expect a Lord Jamar remix of “Stepdad” anytime soon? Check out his spirited rendition below, and read our Music To Be Murdered By review right here. 

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