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Lori Harvey’s name has been buzzing around in headlines for some time now. If you only first heard of the 22-year-old from Meek Mill’s “Going Bad” track where he raps about having Lori on his “wish list” then we’re sure you’ve been bound to see a number of reports regarding her dating life and other rumours since then. The young model is quite close with some big industry heads such as Teyana Taylor as well as Jordyn Woods which means she has a direct link to many rappers and singers in the game such as Diddy, Justin Combs, Trey Songz and Future – the latter of which she’s been reported to be dating. 

While Lori has remained mute on the details of her personal life and who she prefers to spend her “private time” with she hasn’t skipped a beat when it comes to maintaining her numerous hot girl shares on Instagram. In light of the buzzed-about youngster that may or may not be breaking the hearts of some music heavy hitters, we’ve rounded up five things to know about Lori since she’s seemingly not going anywhere. 

Get acquainted below.

Her Step-Father Is Steve Harvey

Off the top, Lori’s got a famous step-dad who’s none other than Steve Harvey. Lori’s mother, Marjorie Elaine Harvey, married Steve in 2007 having first met at a comedy show back in 1990. Steve and Majorie both have children from their past relationships (totalling to seven) and Lori was one of her siblings who decided to take Steve’s last name. 

She’s A Model 

Coming in at just 5″3, Lori has had successful model moves since walking runways for Dolce & Gabbana and other luxury brands in New York, Milan, and Paris. “Being that I’m not a traditional model, it’s kind of cool because I feel like it’s opening up a door for a new generation of models that look more like me versus being 5-foot-10 and super skinny [with a] super flat stomach and super skinny legs like everything looks so perfect,” she previously told BET.

She Was Once Engaged

Before Lori Harvey was reported to be dating a variety of men, she was very much engaged to Dutch soccer star Memphis Depay. The exes got engaged in June of 2017 and only a year later did they call it quits. A lot of attention was brought to their age since Lori was just 20 and Memphis was 23. “For everyone asking….yes we are young, but when it’s right why wait,” she previously tweeted. 

She Aspired To Be An Equestrian

Before the runways and brand deals, Lori was a woman who wanted nothing more than to be an Olympic hopeful since she was a trained and established equestrian. Unfortunately, Lori suffered serious injuries when she broke her back and tore her MCL forcing her to no longer ride the same again. “I wanted to be a professional equestrian,” she previously told Vogue. “But I got injured badly a few years ago, so now I only ride leisurely.”

She’s Got A Net Worth Of $750K

When Meek Mill raps about you, Diddy’s got his eye on you and you’ve got a number of sponsorship deals and impressive model gigs under your belt it only makes sense that Lori’s net worth matches up. Previous reports suggest the 22-year-old was worth around $600K but the latest tally proves she’s worth $750K. We think it’s safe to say Lori’s worth may very well hit the $1 million mark very soon at the rate she’s going. 

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