Lori Harvey’s Mom Warned Her About Dating People Like Future Years Ago: Watch


If she ends up getting burned in the end, Lori Harvey can’t exactly say that she wasn’t warned by a few different people. Dating somebody like Future might not be in the best interest of most women around the world. At this point, his reputation with the ladies is not the strongest but, somehow, he manages to still claim all of the hottest models on the market. Before the weekend, the Atlanta icon confirmed that he had his eyes on Lori Harvey but, after a throwback video of an advice-filled conversation she had with her mother several years ago resurfaced online, Lori is being urged to rewatch the exchange and reconsider her dating habits.

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This summer, the model became the unofficial winner of Hot Girl Summer, moving on from Diddy’s son with Diddy himself. Nowadays, all signs point to her being in a romantic relationship with Future but Marjorie Harvey previously told her (in front of a nationally televised audience!) not to date rappers or athletes. 

“I know you just started dating this year,” said Marjorie to Lori in a video that dates back to 2015. “No athletes, no rappers. We gonna come up with a list.” Lori’s face hilariously goes blank for a second after hearing the rules but in a confessional session, she maintained the fact that her mother has nothing to worry about. It turns out that maybe Lori should have paid attention to her mom’s advice. We’ll see how this turns out.


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