Los Angeles Chargers Reveal Gorgeous New Uniforms


NFL fans of numerous teams have been truly blessed lately as franchises continue to show off new uniforms. The New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts have been a part of this movement and today, yet another team decided to join the fold. This time, it was none other than the Los Angeles Chargers who took to twitter to show off six new uniforms that will debut during the 2020 season. 

As you can see from the images and video below, these are some of the nicest jerseys the NFL has to offer. The Chargers have always been known for having dope uniforms but these latest threads are certainly the cream of the crop. In fact, fans were actually praising the new jerseys which is a fairly rare sight as most new uniforms are slandered out of the gate.

Unfortunately, the Chargers are in Los Angeles now and barely have a fanbase. They completely alienated those living in San Diego so jersey sales might not be as high as they probably should be. These gorgeous new uniforms are bound to go underappreciated and it’s truly a shame. Regardless, at least the team will be looking good next year, even if the results aren’t.

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