Lou Williams Admits He Almost Retired After Trade To Atlanta


Lou Williams was traded to the Atlanta Hawks yesterday in a massive deal that brought Rajon Rondo to Los Angeles. Virtually no one in the NBA was expecting a deal like this to go down although in the end, it happened and both teams are better off for it. Despite all of this, it appears as though Williams felt slighted by the trade, and almost retired from the game of basketball as a whole.

In a recent post to Instagram, Williams said he poured a lot of heart into the Clippers organization and the trade felt disrespectful. After receiving a ton of praise and support from his fans, Williams had a change of heart and noted that he wants to make the most of his time in Atlanta.

“Yea, so I thought about retiring yesterday. You give so much to an organization and you wake up and boom, it’s no more,” Williams wrote. “Then in true clipper nation fashion I was reminded that my talent and contribution was appreciated and It made me reflect on what’s to come. There’s plenty left in my tank and I’m privileged to continue my career in my backyard. LA, thank you. Love you. Appreciate you. Great times and memories!!! ATL, LouWillVille. Mr. Williams, welcome home.”

The Hawks are a work in progress but as it stands, they are firmly in a playoff spot which means Williams has an opportunity to help this team achieve some goals no one thought possible at the beginning of the year.

Lou Williams

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images