Lou Williams Details Hilarious Allen Iverson & Matt Barnes Drinking Story


Lou Williams is highly considered to be the best sixth man in the NBA and has been getting buckets with the Los Angeles Clippers. Williams is still playing with youthful exuberance although he’s been in the league for a long time now. Back in 2005, Williams was a rookie with the Philadelphia 76ers and was being mentored by the likes of Chris Webber, Allen Iverson, and Matt Barnes. During that time, Williams had never had a sip of alcohol in his life and his teammates were looking to take advantage of that.

In a podcast with Barnes and Stephen Jackson called “All The Smoke,” Williams and Barnes detailed a hilarious story that involved a wager and some heavy drinking. As Barnes describes, they bet Williams $15,000 that he couldn’t finish a six-pack of beer before the team flight.

“We made a bet that he had to drink a six-pack,” Barnes said around the 8:45-minute mark. “He didn’t drink at the time. He was fresh out of high school… It was 15,000.”

“They said I couldn’t drink a six-pack of beer before we got on the plane for 15 grand,” Williams confirmed.

Eventually, Williams was able to finish the beer although it wasn’t without making a scene. Barnes explained what his teammates had to do to hide his drunkenness and get him on the plane safely. “He kind of had his arm slumped on AI’s shoulder, and then me and C-Webb was kind of in front,” Barnes said. “He was still there, but he was—He handled himself well, but he was fucked up. You know what I mean? So, we had to kind of camouflage his ass up onto the plane.”

Stories like this are probably quite common in NBA locker rooms although this one is particularly funny considering the parties involved.

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