“Love & Hip Hop” Star Sophia Body Responds To Drake’s Attacks


Former Love & Hip Hop star Sophia Body cannot comprehend why Drake continues to speak on her after the rapper replied to a fan’s comment telling them that Sophia “ain’t got sh*t going.” Earlier today, Drizzy took it upon himself to let his feelings about the former video vixen and fellow Toronto native be known to the public. After a fan of Sophia’s replied to her comment on Instagram asking her why she never followed them back after they met on the train in the Bronx, Drake proceeded to let that fan know, “don’t worry she’ll be there for 20+ more years same seat you’ll catch her one day she ain’t got sh*t going.”

At first, it might seem totally out of the blue for Drake to possess such strong feelings about a relatively unknown person, but it turns out the two have a bit of a history. Sophia took to Instagram live to discuss said history and to express her disbelief that someone of Drake’s stature is still keeping her name in his mouth.

“He is super corny for that,” Sophia agreed with one of her viewers about Drake’s comment. “Like what grown ass multi-millionaire billionaire is gonna keep addressing me? He keeps addressing me! But I’m not doing sh*t. If I wasn’t doing sh*t you’d forget about me. Right? If I wasn’t doing sh*t, one would forget about me, but he’s still ‘@ing’ me. Like I don’t get it.”

Drake Sophia Body love and hip hop beef attacks response ovo fest TorontoEthan Miller/Getty Images

In another clip during the same live stream, Sophia ensures her viewers that she’s well-aware that she’s “a nobody compared to Drake” but points out that “this is not the first time he’s acknowledged me” even though “I’ve never said anything bad about him.” However, she goes on to explain that she has in fact said in the past that she feels Drake’s OVO fest “should be on a different day as the Caribana” festival in Toronto “so people will have a reason and the will and the want to come to Toronto for more than one event.” She also admits to saying that OVO fest “takes away from the authenticity of Caribana, which is facts…but I never said it in a f*cked up way.”

Drake Sophia Body love and hip hop beef attacks response ovo fest TorontoBrian Ach/Getty Images for Sprayground

Sophia fails to mention that she’s also accused Drake of biting Young Thug’s flow on “Mob Ties,” which prompted Drake to call her a “bitter f*cking weirdo” who was “begging and reaching as usual.” Drake has yet to comment on her latest response.

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