LUCKI Drops Off New Two Pack “Almost Woke”


LUCKI has been prolific in his own way, steadily building on his discography with a relatively consistent musical output. Today, that output expands with the release of his new two-pack drop Almost Woke, an EP that features a pair of tracks in “LifestyleBrazy” and “No Joke.” While closer to a single than an EP, what with a total runtime of four minutes, it’s a solid glimpse into the rapper’s current musical headspace.

Opener “LifestyleBrazy” finds LUCKI taking to a melancholic beat by Brent Rambo, who whips up a somber piano loop and some lo-fi percussion. Though he doesn’t stick around for too long, LUCKI makes the most of his time with a lengthy verse, his laid-back style blending effectively with the understated production. “Who this on my phone? Treat these hoes like 12, keep going over the limit, I’vе been buying pints from Zelle,” he raps. “Capped out for his imagе, label put him on the shelf / Lifestyle brazy, lifestyle pay me / Ain’t got shit to show, say he humble like he Jay-Z.”

Next up is “No Joke,” a more uptempo counterpart — though even LUCKI’s livelier drops are still relatively laid back. Over a spacey instrumental by Plu20 Nash, Lucki lets fly a quick flow as he flexes in his own unique way. “Ni*gas be like fuck Tunе like Gillie,” he raps. “Ni**as be fans of me, they envy / Get that emotion shit for my mama / I’m still a weirdo with a semi.”

Brief though it may be, it’s still a solid drop from LUCKI and a promising sign of things to come. Keep an eye out for his next move, whatever that may be.